We are so happy to produce a magazine devoted entirely to the people, places and things to do in Marietta.

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We heart Marietta - and we know you do, too. We don't expect to change the world, but we are a little idealistic hoping our publication will have a noticeable positive impact on our community - helping locals to feel more connected with one another.



 We love the word "Family." It means so many things to different people. To us it means the people we love and spend time with, the ones we grow, play & eat with.  Pets Included. We all have one thing in common: Marietta.



Rarely will you find us at big box stores or going out to dinner ITP. We are passionate about supporting the small business owners who are taking risks, turning ideas into products and services and supporting their families right here in Marietta.

Editorial Philosophy

Across the world, magazine readers value both editorial and advertising as sources of information. The integrity and long-term viability of magazines depends, however, on a clear distinction between advertising and editorial. At LLP, we strive for editorial integrity in all of our publications. In Marietta, that means we keep it simple - everything we write is for the readers. By following that rule, readers look forward to getting every issue and advertisers benefit by putting their messages in Marietta's most-read publication.

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What is Marietta style? From fashion, to home decor to personality, locals express their individual and collective styles.



A big part of Marietta's identity is in her artistic expression through dance, paint, sculpture, theatre and music.



We write a lot about local restaurants -
We like to talk to chefs, owners, customers and servers. #eatlocal.

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Published 6X per year, Marietta Magazine is distributed deliberately in central Marietta, and our coverage extends into East and West Cobb. Our print and digital subscribers live all over the Marietta map. Readers with a Marietta address will really connect with Marietta Magazine each issue.

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