Mayor's Minute

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AS SUMMER BEGINS TO DRAW to an end, things are really starting to heat up. As we enter into September, our festival season really starts to ignite the Marietta Square. The City and the Marietta Museum of History will host the 27th Annual Streetfest on the Marietta Square from September 15-16th followed by the City and the Marietta/Cobb Museum of Art’s Annual Chalktoberfest from October 13-14th.

Additionally, on Thursday, August 31, we held a ribbon cutting for the most recent park facility, the Elizabeth Porter Park, which features a state-of-the-art playground and splashpad. The park's location is a site of local historical significance. During the era of segregation, African-American residents started a campaign that successfully fundraised, constructed, and operated the Cobb County Cooperative Negro Hospital with the support of the City of Marietta and the city's white residents. After the opening of Kennestone Hospital in 1950, the Cooperative Hospital closed, and the building was repurposed as a recreation center. The building remained in use for citywide residents until 2015. 

While the building was demolished, the Marietta City Council chose to reflect this history via the use of public art within the new park. Visit us today to enjoy the both the park and the true history behind the neighborhood.

Finally, we look forward to the opening of the Marietta Square Market this fall. And remember there is always free parking at the City Hall parking deck and the Marietta Housing Authority for our Square visitors beginning Thursdays at 5pm and lasting through the weekend!

Mayor Steve Tumlin

Publisher's Post - Premier issue!



This is intended to be a statement - the confident answer to the question, “Where are you from?” or “Where do you live?”  Marietta.

Hi!  I love harvest time, don’t you?  We’ve been working all summer to get this premier issue to press, and we are so excited to get to share it with everyone!  My name is Nicole Shea, and I live in this wonderful city of Marietta, also once referred to as “The Gem City,” with my husband and two kids.  I am new to the magazine business, but have a heart for getting to know the stories behind the fabulousness of this town.  

Who are we?  What is our vision for this new publication?  We are a group of local writers, graphic designers, photographers, foodies and Marietta-lovers who are on a mission to help small communities thrive.  To stay true to our name, we have a few rules - boundaries:

1.  We will only write about Marietta people, places and things.  If it doesn’t have a Marietta address, it won’t really fit our mission of being a local lifestyle magazine just for Marietta.

2.  We aren’t concerned with incorporated or unincorporated boundary lines or outdated ways of differentiating between north, south, east, and west Cobb - if you have a Marietta address then we think you’ll connect with our magazine.

3.  We’re not a newspaper, and we won’t try to be because we wouldn’t be very good at it.  We will focus on sharing the greatest local stories about festivals, philanthropy, local entrepreneurs, the arts and theatre, our history, new developments and everybody’s favorite:  food and drink.

Our promise to be interesting, creative and optimistic.  We hope you enjoy reading all about Marietta and what makes it such a GEM!

The November/December issue will be packed with our local holiday favorites, so be sure to subscribe TODAY!  


Nicole Shea