Cousins Maine Lobster Opens at Marietta Market


Maine Roll, 17.50

Maine lobster, served chilled, touch of mayo, 

New England style roll

Connecticut Roll, 17.50

Maine lobster, served warm with butter and lemon, 

New England style roll

Lobster Grilled Cheese, 15.50

Maine lobster, pepper jack & 

cheddar cheeses, Texas style toast

Lobster BLT, 16.50

Maine lobster, bacon, sliced tomato, mixed greens, 

herb spiced aioli, artisan bun

Maine Harvest Salad, 9.50

Mixed greens, white balsamic vinaigrette, hazelnuts, 

butternut squash, dried cranberries, avocado, 

crumbled goat cheese (+ lobster, 7.50)


Grilled Cheese, Cheese Quesadilla served with tots, 7.50

Maine “Red Snapper” Dog, served with tots, 5


Lobster Tail & Tots, 16.50

Maine’s ultimate luxury. 4 - 5 oz. lobster tail in shell, 

served with drawn butter and side of tater tots

Lobster Quesadilla, 16.50

Maine lobster, grated cheese, pico de gallo, 

cilantro lime sauce, flour tortilla 


Lobster Tacos (3), 16.50

Maine lobster, served with cabbage, pico de gallo, cilantro lime sauce on flour tortillas (swap corn tortilla for GF)

Fish & Chips, 14.50

Lightly battered and friend haddock served with fries,  lemon and tartar sauce


New England Clam Chowder, 7.50/9.50 (GF)

Consists of hand-shucked Maine clams in a rich, roux-thickened fish stock, tempered light cream, rendered salt pork and sauteed onions, tender potatoes

Lobster Bisque, 7.50/9.50 (GF)

Maine lobster in a roux-thickened stock, complemented with Spanish sherry, light cream and a dash of white pepper.