Skewers on the Square

Stop by Skewers on the Square at Taste of Marietta! Here is a sample of their menu!


Pomegranate Mimosas

- served Sundays, 11am to 3pm.

Mediterranean Breakfast

Fried Halloumi cheese, bacon, zucchini scrambled eggs, grilled pita, and Greek yogurt parfait.

American Breakfast

Cheddar scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, buttermilk biscuits or pancakes. 

Beduin Breakfast

Hummus with beef and pine nuts, eggs with fresh tomatoes, kefir cheese in house infused olive oil, served with fresh baked toasted pita.


Cheeseburger on a Skewer

Fried Chicken Tenders Skewer


Grilled Ribeye Skewers

Served with asparagus, fries, and a side salad

Bulgogi Marinated Korean Steak

Served with rice, romaine, Kimchi, and garlic cloves

peanut coconut Thai shrimp or chicken skewers and

served w/rice, asparagus, curried cabbage, mango slices

Mesquite Smoked Pork Skewers

Served with fries and side of mac & cheese

Tandoori Grill Minced Lamb Skewers

Served with Basmati rice and curried cabbage

Indian Chicken Skewers

Served with Basmati rice and Tzatziki sauce

Grilled Chicken Skewers with Garlic Sauce

Served with Lebanese thin bread with hummus and fries

Bon Fillet Fajita Steak Skewers

Served w/avocado, red pepper, green pepper, rice, tortillas