Publisher's Post

Publisher's Letter - April/May 2019

Hi there!  Thank you for picking up a copy of the Spring issue. As the fields turn green and cherry blossoms bloom, I am reminded that spring is all about new beginnings.  There is new life all around us happening in Marietta, and we are excited to share it with you!  

While driving (or walking) to the newly opened Marietta Square Market, it’s impossible not to see how all the mixed-use development planning is revitalizing our city center. (p12) Living and working at or near home increases quality of life and decreases time in our cars. 

What about working with your spouse? We sought out local couples who are in business together (couple-preneurs) and met Callie and Tyler Cooke, a young couple inspired to open gym a short walk from the Square. The beautiful, new, brick building houses their calling: Crossfit 11:24 - discover the meaning behind their name inside. (p16) 

We next asked Lindsey and Matt, who own Ghost Tours of Marietta, to share about running a business together out of their home with small children. (p15) And our senior profile - Bob and Lynn Patton - successfully ran a Bed & Breakfast together for many years before retiring in Marietta to be closer to their grandchildren. (p24)

Warning: Reading this issue will make you hungry - it’s food festival season in Marietta! Taste of Marietta - one of Metro Atlanta’s favorite foodie events - will be pleasing local palates all weekend, April 27 - 28 on the Square. The following week, on May 4, we can enjoy Taste of East Cobb and Taste of West Cobb. We will be there and hope to see you, too! Happy Easter! Happy Mother’s Day! Congratulations graduates! 



Publisher's Post - Premier issue!



This is intended to be a statement - the confident answer to the question, “Where are you from?” or “Where do you live?”  Marietta.

Hi!  I love harvest time, don’t you?  We’ve been working all summer to get this premier issue to press, and we are so excited to get to share it with everyone!  My name is Nicole Shea, and I live in this wonderful city of Marietta, also once referred to as “The Gem City,” with my husband and two kids.  I am new to the magazine business, but have a heart for getting to know the stories behind the fabulousness of this town.  

Who are we?  What is our vision for this new publication?  We are a group of local writers, graphic designers, photographers, foodies and Marietta-lovers who are on a mission to help small communities thrive.  To stay true to our name, we have a few rules - boundaries:

1.  We will only write about Marietta people, places and things.  If it doesn’t have a Marietta address, it won’t really fit our mission of being a local lifestyle magazine just for Marietta.

2.  We aren’t concerned with incorporated or unincorporated boundary lines or outdated ways of differentiating between north, south, east, and west Cobb - if you have a Marietta address then we think you’ll connect with our magazine.

3.  We’re not a newspaper, and we won’t try to be because we wouldn’t be very good at it.  We will focus on sharing the greatest local stories about festivals, philanthropy, local entrepreneurs, the arts and theatre, our history, new developments and everybody’s favorite:  food and drink.

Our promise to be interesting, creative and optimistic.  We hope you enjoy reading all about Marietta and what makes it such a GEM!

The November/December issue will be packed with our local holiday favorites, so be sure to subscribe TODAY!  


Nicole Shea